Sunday, February 21, 2010

Burda skirt 11-2008-110

This is Burda 11-2008-110 skirt, an 8-gored flared-hem trumpet-y number.  


I used the wool suiting fabric from the stash and this nightmare of a lining, worked on it for three weekends, finished it last week, and wore it to work.  It's a very feminine skirt, a lot more than I'm used to.  All of a sudden all these curves just show up!  Wearing the skirt made me feel odd, giddy, and girly that my voice went up an octave or two.  My coworkers thought I was sick.  So I went home early and took some pictures.




The last picture I'm just showing off my shoes. 

Please don't be offended by the bad pressing job.  It's not my forte.  I don't  forte in everything I do no matter what people say.

(Edited:  Here's my review of the pattern on PR)


  1. Cute skirt. I'd show off my shoes too if I had those.

  2. This is so cute... hope that some day soon I can do something like that... i'm just starting to learn to sew... I really like this skirt! You are awesome!

  3. Well, the shoes are adorable!!I do not want to comment this skirt.I had bad experience with

  4. Nice skirt. I can imagine it gives you a beautiful shape.

  5. I like the skirt, I like that it has solid form, i can imagine a lot of great outfit with it.

  6. Gorgeous shows ... reason enough to follow you.

    Hello from Germany.

  7. This is an awesome skirt - can totally see why it would make you feel giddy and girly!

  8. wow, the skirt looks great!!

    chie xo