Friday, January 29, 2010

No Pink & Red

BurdaStyle is having the Pink & Red challenge.  I thought about entering when it was first announced, but the 20-day notice is too short for me, since I sew only on the weekends.  This is what I was going to make...

... which is inspired by this gorgeous Trina Turk Algonquin dress (looooove the design but not so much the price):

I will still make this dress in different colors (not too crazy about pink-and-red combo anyway), and most likely without the big lace. Any suggestions on color combo, anybody?  What should I put on that curvy style line... Top-stitch?  Bias strip?  Some kind of small lace? 


  1. I hear you. The 20-day notice is far too short, and then why would I want to sew anything in pink and red? I also decided not to enter. The dress you want to make will probably look nice in different colors.

  2. Hahaha I made a pink and red dress 2 years ago so I'm going to enter that if I can convince my boyfriend to take some photos of me today. But no way would I be entering if I had to make something new!

    Meanwhile, ADORE that design! I think you should find some large print pink and red fabric do some APPLIQUE along the curve! Would be wonderful.

  3. That is an amazing design.

  4. good luck on making the dress! i agree, pink and red combination is a bit crazy (at least for me).

    btw, you can see the details of shoulder part of my dress in my flickr page!

    hope this helps:)

  5. The design of your dress is very beautiful, and the colors looks great here although yeas, red and pink is not the best combination in real world =)

  6. can you make me this dress? i like the big lace idea. very feminine. -funky-