Saturday, May 8, 2010

WTH is wrong with Vogue Patterns?


I bought this pattern, Vogue 8646, during their latest $3.99 sale. 

Isn't it a cute dress?  Perfect for summer, in white dotted swiss underlined with white cotton batiste.  (That's the fabrics I'm using, anyway).

Based on the size chart, I'm a 14, so that's what I cut.  Lo-and-behold, it fits like a potato sack!  I ended up taking in 1.25" on both sides, front and back.  That's a 5-inch take-in, folks.  Good thing I made a muslin.

During the pattern adjustment, though, I may have made a mistake of leaving the front pleats on the same location (instead of centering them at the shoulder seams), so the boobage is out of whack.  No turning back now as I'm more than halfway through on it.

Mind you, this is not my first BVM pattern.  Last year I made this Butterick 5277:

Same issue, about 2-sizes to big.  It had to be rescued by a pro-seamstress because I didn't want to bother taking it in myself and didn't want to learn how to, either.

Burda sizes seem to be spot on, although I can't say the same for Simplicity as I've yet to sew any of their patterns.  So, is it me choosing the wrong size or is it a common problem with BVM patterns?


  1. I use BVM and Simplicity patterns a lot and always cut a size 10, I really think their sizing suggestions are a little off because I'm a little bigger than their size 10 actually calls for.

  2. All the big 4 patterns are guilty of this, and I think Vogue is actually a minor offender. Simplicity is the worst - I've gone down 4 sizes before. I always go by the finished measurements, which are on the tissue for vogue and the back of the envelope for simplicity and mccall. I can't understand why they can't allow a reasonable amount of ease!

  3. i'm a beginner sewer and this sizing thing has been driving me CRAZY..arghhh..

  4. Ahh! I know the feeling, I'm working on a Vogue dress (a strapless style, even worse!) and had to go down over 2 sizes on top! Stayed the same on the bottom sadly. I also like to go by the measurements on the tissue, or measure off the waist and hips and compare to myself. You're not alone!

  5. You are definitely not alone --- I use Burda patterns because the fit has been the best for me. I've always had problems with the big 4 (usually too large, especially the sleeve widths).

  6. I've just started sewing burda patterns and you are right - sizing is amazingly perfect. Before this year, though I ALWAYS used bmv patterns and was frustrated with the fit.

  7. I'm a beginning sewer, and I have lots of fit issues, so I always measure the pattern pieces as best I can before cutting or tracing... It's a beautiful dress!

  8. Thanks for the information... I just bought a bunch of Vogue-patterns, and I usually drown in my size from Burda, so I probably really have to size down with Vogue.
    The size-issue actually made me learn how to make my own patterns though, which is one of the best things I've done, so I'm actually a bit greatful to the big 4, but it's still a major nuisance that theyäre so off sizewise!

  9. I've been re-reading Fit For Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto, which I purchased a few weeks ago. They recommend that you choose your dress size according to your high bust measurement. If the dress is "very fitted" perhaps go up a size. That way the chest and shoulders will fit properly. Then, if necessary, make adjustments for full bust, broad back, etc. This FFRP is a gem of a book.

    I also purchased Pants For Real People. I have a favorite one-seam pants pattern that I've been tweaking for a couple of years. I use the pattern for pj's enlarging the pattern, and pants and have made it up dozens of times. Two changes to my pattern made a big difference and I have one more change to make along the waist. Their fitting information can be a big help.