Friday, May 7, 2010

Hawaiian Fabric galore

Confession:  I, too, am a selfish seamstress (just like another seamstress who has famously self-professed so).  With the number of hours involved in choosing, tracing, cutting, pressing, fitting, sewing, finishing a garment, I put myself above all others.  However, this year I resolve to make a thing or two for others.  Family members are a good start.  (Although I don't think I will ever sew for anybody not related to me, unless it's a super-easy craft project).

That said....

For the past few months, hubby has been pestering me to make some Hawaiian shirts for him, since the purchased ones he has are falling apart (he moves very animatedly, so clothes take a lot of beating just from washing and wearing).  So far I've managed to get out of it by making up the excuse that there are no good Hawaiian fabrics around here. 

Then today, via Tasia, I found this store, Hawaii's Fabricmarts.

Real Hawaiian prints!


And those are just six prints that I really like.  They also have silks and rayons, although not quite extensive as the cottons.

As you can tell, I'm quite partial to blues (the last one with the khaki background I just threw in for giggles), big floral prints (preferably hibiscus, Hawaii's state flower; the second-to-last with the bikes I think is funny; no small prints, they can look dowdy), with at least two contrast foreground colors.  Those, my dear reader(s), are my requirements for Hawaiian prints.  In my non-Hawaiian life I prefer non-blues and solids.

Anyway, if I read it correctly, the store requires a minimum of 5-yards each pattern and 20-yards total for online purchases.  Wow - that would make a lot of cute little cotton summer dresses!  Oh.  Wait.  I would have to make shirts for hubby first.  Damn.  Hmm...  What new excuse to use?  *Scans through excuse book.*  A-ha!  Either "I don't know how to sew collars and buttonholes" or "I've used up my fabric allowance for the next couple of months" should work for a while.  Both are true.


  1. Hey! I was THERE at Fabric Mart in Hawaii, check it out:
    I dragged my guy to in when we were on vacation, haha! It was jam packed with fabric, a total candy store of floral and tropical prints. I'm surprised I managed to make any decisions, there were so many choices! (And no minimum cuts, either.) I kind of like the one with the bikes, I'd make a full-skirted sundress for the beach.
    Anyways - let us know if you go for it and place an order! Good luck deciding!

  2. Yup - I found out about the store from your blog, actually :)

  3. Oh hilarious! Well thanks for checking it out, and glad you found it useful.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. How funny! We're going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks --- I always make a new Hawaiian/aloha shirt for my husband for each trip, so I'm just about to start that project. It's pretty quick so it doesn't eat into my time too much. One year I made a matching dress --- very cute --- but we looked ridiculous wearing the matching outfits together.

  5. Hubby and I have matching Flamingo print shirts. Pretty funny. We wear them at SciFi conventions. I have seen Fabricmarts on line and was amazed.