Sunday, July 11, 2010

But I don't wanna be a bridesmaid!

Continuing with my stash-busting mission....

This is a magenta / fuchsia / deep dark pink (Robert Kaufman calls it "berry" - whatever) silk-cotton blend.  Because of the limited yardage (only 2 yards), I chose a simple sheath with minimal practically no details... Burda 02-2009-124A
 I was aiming for a simple yet bold work dress, but the result is more like the world's most boring bridesmaid dress that J. Crew tossed aside as FAIL:

I wore it to work as a top, tucked into my gray trumpet skirt, cinched with a black belt at the waist, and black heels.  Somebody at work said it shows a nice silhouette.  She also reports to me so it could have just been an obligatory compliment from her part.  I can't think of how else to wear the dress so that it doesn't scream bridesmaid.  Any ideas, readers? 

The pattern itself is very easy and very fast to sew.  It took me only a couple of weekends including tracing, pressing, sewing a muslin, fitting adjustments, and sewing the dress.  There's no lining, although I probably should have made one, since the silk-cotton fabric is rather thin.

PR review here.

By the way, buy this.

This greatest-hits compilation was in heavy rotation in my iPod since I bought it a couple of weeks ago.  Very, very good music!  And Jim Morrison!  This explains why they were a big deal back in the 60's.


  1. I'd try a few tiers of long black or silver beads or chains; or a wide black or coloured patent belt. Cage boots would funk it up a bit too. Or for a sweeter look, team it with another jewel coloured cardigan and narrow belt over the top. PS the discarded bridesmaid isn't such a bad look?!

  2. Actually, I think that you could make up a few and sell them as great bridesmaid dresses! My college daughter and just graduated college daughter would love them (and she is an expert having been a bridesmaid three times in the past year!)

  3. I really like the shape, but you are right, it is a little bland as is. But I think it would work with a cardigan, belted, and a chunky necklace. It looks like it fits you well, so perhaps you could make another version in wool, or a print, and treat this is a very wearable muslin.

  4. I agree! Belted with a chunky necklace, or long layered necklaces would help break up the column of pink. Worn with a cardigan, or with a leather jacket (!) depending on how you feel, it's such a pretty colour so it would be a shame not to wear it. Just treat it like a blank canvas :)

  5. This is a very nice and beautiful dress. But if you don't feel comfortable in it, maybe it works with a big black belts and black heels or with a black cardigan?

  6. I love the color and the dress is really cute! I agree with the other comments --- it just needs to be jazzed up with some accessories to break up the solid block of color.

  7. I love the shape of the dress and plan to make myself one from an embroidered silk or two. That said, you could consider embellishing the neckline or the waist. The suggestions to wear a belt, cardigan are also quite sound. Classic styles can be accessorised in a way that a more complex style could not be. If I had this dress in a moss green (I'm a graying red-head) I have a long multi-stone necklace, bracelet and ear-rings that would look great (I know about the matchy-matchy thing, but in this case, I would). A chunky necklace and bangles might be an option (Think Temperance Brennon of "Bones" on TV). Don't give up on the dress, it is quite lovely. Since you did not line it, a full slip might give it some body. Next time, underline; it's easy to do.