Sunday, September 4, 2011

Of jewelry and a garish display

My blindingly yellow DIY jewelry display, as told here, and the sad state of my jewelry collection.

Accessorizing is not one of my strength... I wear the same things over, and over, and over again.  (Same goes with clothes, actually.)  To add to that, my taste in clothes and accessories lean toward the "plain" side, as you can see above.  Okay, I don't call it "plain" as much as understated, clean, simple, classic.

The pearl necklace (and studs, not shown) I wore daily back in '05-'07, during my "prim, proper, and preppy" stage.  With pumps and twinsets and scarves and all.  So pretentious.  The whole thing aged me 10 years, so I stopped doing that after my work office moved to the suburbs (people don't dress up much there).  The good thing though, climbing the corporate ladder was so easy, probably because people took me seriously.  Well, not anymore, of course, since I stopped wearing pearls.  I need to go back doing that.

Watches I wear everyday, alternating depending on my my mood and outfit of the day.  Hoops (the medium size, top row) I wear almost everyday now, if I'm not wearing a necklace. Necklaces that I wear most often nowadays are the long gold-tone chain (far left), and the beaded coral multi-strand (top middle).  I don't wear bracelets much, although I don't mind cuffs or chains or links (no bangles, they're noisy and generally too loose on my wrist).  I also have accepted my warm skin tone and wear gold-tone jewelries without feeling outdated.

So, as a reward to myself for finishing this jewelry display project, I'm going to shop for some new cheapo jewelry.  Perhaps something geometric, with clean lines and enough presence to make a visual impact.  Any suggestions? 


  1. I for one love accessories so your post about it is just something i can chew on. im really fascinated about you about you having watches that matches your mood for the day. umh may be i will adopt that too.

  2. the idea of you wearing watches for difeerent mood is just amazing. i used to think I was the only one doing it. thats makes two of us now. nice post

  3. I also found that pearl necklace gives a kind of olderly respect to who ever wears it that why i always try as much to wear it when I'm going out officially

  4. I love pearls so much.It is always nice to find another lover of pearls.