Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year, and a new Cutting Table!

Happy New Year to all!  We've stuffed ourselves, drunk our hearts out, had fun and chatted with friends and family until everybody was blue in the face.  Now it's time to start making those resolutions and pray that they will last past January 15! 

Anyway, I forgot to cross-post my entry of this new cutting table that I hacked out of Ikea Expedit shelves.  It's a pretty simple hack, and it's not even an original idea because my local Ikea has this setup in the showroom and I thought it would make a great cutting table with some adjustments.  Essentially it's just three 2x2 Expedits butted against each other, placed on top of plywood with casters, topped with another sheet of plywood, secured with the necessary hardware (L-brackets, wood joiner, glue as needed).

Now I have a move-able cutting table - with storage that can be customized with Expedit inserts - that fits my large 36" x 48" cutting mat perfectly! 


  1. WOW!!! That's *exactly* what I've been thinking of! I got my boys those same shelves when they were on sale in December for $20 CD, and I could kick myself for not buying a couple for me too! Your table looks fantastic, and all that storage space underneath. I just love IKEA hacks!

  2. Oh, by the way, how's the height of the table? I guess it helps that the unit is on castors.

  3. Thanks for the details on your table, I'm making notes and plan on making this sometime this spring! Great table!