Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here's the technical drawing...

... of the purple dress:
It was supposed to be without a waist seam (like this), but I figured this would be a chance to test the sloper fit. (Translation: I really didn't want to draft another pattern). So I just adjusted the sloper bodice.

At the front: take in shoulder strap 1" at each end, lower neckline by 3".

At the back:
take in shoulder strap 1" at each end, lower neckline by 1", and shift shoulder dart to roughly the middle of the strap.

The pleats at the sleeves will be 10" long each with 10 one-square-inch pleats . Based on this "diagram", I will need 20" long strips including the folds and seam allowances:
The fabric will be good ol' Kona in eggplant (not ready to use more expensive fabrics), and lined with white lightweight cotton batiste. An all-in-one facing so the contrast lining won't show up at the neckline and armhole:

Next, press and cut the fabric, and sew! Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow! lots of work. I've just started to sew and it's been an interesting journey. I really like it so far but a lot of work learning the basics. Can't wait to see your results. Looks like it will look great!