Saturday, August 1, 2009

Make like Stephen Colbert...

... and save the planet by jumping on the bandwagon.

Yup, I just jumped on the sewing-blog bandwagon. I have succumbed to peer pressure. Dammit - I thought only teenagers do that! Anyway, I will be posting about my efforts and accomplishments in sewing. Ideas, sketches, to-do's, patterns, fabrics, books, sewing progress or lack thereof and the corresponding frustration, and hopefully some finished projects that are not too embarrassing to share.

The name of the blog came up because I'm loving dresses and want to make many of them. Sure is easier to make than a top and
a skirt! Just add 20+ more inches to a top pattern, sew it up, and it's a whole outfit! Dresses also make one look more put together to compensate for one's face's lack of aesthetics!
Cotton is for the fabric that I currently dare to make something out of. It may be a while before I progress to more expensive fabrics (unless I found a good deal on eBay)!
Little is just because it goes with "dress" and "cotton". My dresses are not so little, but "Big Cotton Dresses" doesn't sound as appealing, so I stick with little.

In any case, I haven't actually made any dresses that I would wear in public. Made a lot of muslins though. For a long time I didn't know that you're supposed to use the muslin to fix all
fitting issues. So I would make a muslin, maybe adjust the obvious flaws at the front because that's all I could see, make the dress, wonder why it looks all funky at the back, and abandon the project. Aaargh!! What a waste of @#$%^& time!

Lesson learned. Read more about fitting and pattern drafting. Resort back to cotton after the stupid wool dress I tried to make had to be rescued by a professional tailor. Go back to square one, and here we are.


  1. Welcome......and always make a muslin......even when you think you are beyond it........ :)

  2. love it! Just read your whole blog :P hope you do more in the future. Love your fashion sketches...must check out proffered youtube tutorial, since my scratches are, well, scratches. And you sew like a dream!