Sunday, August 9, 2009

See anything funny here?

Yup. Didn't do @#$%& hem allowance!!

After a few minutes of "serenity now" chant, I realized that the hem will have pleats on it, which will extend it down by another inch.

So far, here's what I've completed.
  • Cut fabric and lining
  • Sew all darts
  • Attach lining to facing
  • Attach skirt pieces to bodice pieces
  • Made sleeve pleats
And I ended up with pointy darts:

@#$%& again!

The point is more apparent on the horizontal dart than the vertical one. It's not terribly obvious, but the fact that it's there just bugs me. I might fix it by shortening the dart and sewing it on a curve like this tutorial on BurdaStyle. Or not. Would the lining help fill out the dart?

The pleats turned out slightly shorter than the intended 10 inches, which is fine, except that one is shorter than the other:

Serenity now!

Okay, moving on. The next step is to attach the lining to the dress, following
this tutorial from Threads magazine (adapted from Connie Long's book Easy Guide to Sewing Linings, which I have). Using this method, supposedly you won't need to hand-sew to complete the attachment. Can't really wrap my mind around the turning-inside-out part though. I guess I'll just try and see how it goes.

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