Sunday, August 2, 2009

I discovered fashion sketching...

... on my way back to square one of sewing well.

My brains get all jumbled when I think of all the projects I want to do. So I usually end up overwhelmed and not doing anything. Sketching helps me focus and gives me something to do during weeknights when TV sucks. It's actually pretty easy for right-brained folks like me, if you don't try to do it from scratch. I found this Design & Draw Fashion Sketches tutorial series by Lauren Bradley of expertvillage on YouTube.

The tutorial, combined with lessons and templates from the book Fashion Artist by Sandra Burke that I borrowed from the library, gave me the basic know-how to produce my first sketch:

Look! I drew fashion!

Well, this is the first dress that I plan to make for wearing in public. The design components:
  • I usually start with a fitted shift dress, because it's a style that fits me well. I think.
  • Add some details for interest, otherwise it's too plain, because I will be making it with cotton. Ruffles are hot right now, but I'm not ready for them. Gathers I always have a hard time to make. So, pleats it is.
  • Let's attach the pleats to the hem, because it will probably / hopefully be the easiest.
  • I like the sleeves on this Burda 06-2009-122 top. Obviously have to pleat them to match the hem.
Look! I sort of designed something!

Now that it's out there, I have to actually make it and finish it, no matter how it turns out - if it does at all!

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  1. Glad to discover a new sewing blog. I love the idea of fashion sketching. I make doodles on any scrap piece of paper that I can find. When I am out and about, I will see an outfit that I like and quickly sketch it for sewing inspiration. Then I try to find a pattern or maybe a combination of the two and try to recreate it!